STEM Ecosystem

The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem is one of ninety four national and international STEM Ecosystems, supported by the STEM Funders Network and based on a collective impact model.  It encompasses the rich environment of STEM programming, education, and opportunities throughout Philadelphia.

The Ecosystem is comprised of over 600 members, four Ecosystem workgroups, a Steering Committee, and the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective; all possible by the support of its backbone organization: the Philadelphia Education Fund.

Backbone organization: 

The Philadelphia Education Fund, our backbone organization, facilitates communication and connections among Ecosystem members, and ensures the continuance of the local Ecosystem movement.

Ecosystem Workgroups:

These are formed around a topic of interest by the members. The group sets a goal and develops a plan of action to be accomplished within a certain amount of time, or can be long-standing.  Learn more HERE.

Ecosystem Members:

Ecosystem Members are stakeholders actively engaged in local STEM education efforts. They are part of a diverse and dynamic spectrum of individuals and organizations: schools and school districts, intermediaries and community-based groups, museums and environmental centers, colleges and universities, government agencies, and businesses and corporations. 


There are no fees or obligations to become a STEM Ecosystem member, Members can simply be recipients of emails and announcements, or they can participate in meetings, and in online discussions or be part of an 

Ecosystem Workgroup or an Equity Collective Workgroup.

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective: 

In 2020, the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF) was selected to launch a major initiative within the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem; a partnership between Glaxo Smith-Kline (GSK) and PEF - the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective. Its goal is to cultivate STEM equity, access, and inclusion in STEM career pathways for Philadelphia students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM occupations.  Learn more HERE.

Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem Steering Committee: 

A group representing varied sectors of Philadelphia that cultivate and direct synergy between the Ecosystem goals, objectives, activities, and workgroups.  They are: