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Increasing collaboration, reducing duplication, identifying gaps,    and promoting access to STEM education with a specific commitment of fostering equity, access and inclusion.

The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem is one of eighty-four national STEM Ecosystems, supported by the STEM Funders Network and based on a collective impact model. Our work is made possible by the collaboration of over 400 members who believe that everyone benefits when students succeed in STEM. 



The goal of the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem is to increase collaboration within, reduce duplication of, identify gaps in, and promote access to STEM education with a specific commitment of fostering equity, access, and inclusion.



As the backbone organization, the Philadelphia Education Fund sets the vision and mission, facilitates communication and connections among Ecosystem members, and ensures the continuance of the local Ecosystem movement.



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Betsy Payne

Manager, Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem 


215-665-1400, ext. 3333

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