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STEM Ecosystem


The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem is a network of collaborators that are actively engaged and participate in local STEM Education efforts.


By increasing collaboration, identifying    gaps in resources and enhancing the   quality of STEM education, the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem promotes just and equitable access to STEM opportunities     for all children and youth.



All young people in Philadelphia have equal access to quality STEM education,

STEM employment, and STEM career opportunities.

join the Ecosystem

Membership Benefit:

  • Contact and collaboration with people from different sectors of STEM education within the Ecosystem and the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective.

  • Access to an agile network of colleagues that respond quickly to inquiries 

  • Ability to influence STEM education, policy, and funding

  • Connections to national and international Ecosystems and their issues, ideas, and resolutions

  • Invitation to special meetings and webinars

  • No fees to become or obligations with being a STEM Ecosystem member

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