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Village Advisory Council

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective is looking for adults for its Village Advisory Council (VAC). Since it “takes a village,” we are calling on parents, guardians, caregivers, mentors, coaches, teachers, neighbors, and other adults invested in positive youth development to apply for the council.  

Members of the Village Advisory Council will help the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective guide strategy, reflection, community engagement, outreach, accessibility, and advocacy.  Each council member will be part of the Collective's Home & Community Workgroup and support the development of the Collective's goals


YOUR voice is crucial for the success of this initiative. We expect our committee to be a diverse group of adults representative of the Philadelphia region who champion our goal to increase the number of Black, Latinx and female Philadelphians entering STEM careers by 2030. 

what would i be doing as a member of VAC?

  • You will be a representative and advocate for STEM Equity by discussing and representing your views and those of your community 

  • You will brainstorm strategies and provide feedback on initiatives  created by the Collective

  • You will be part of the decision making alongside community leaders to drive change and benefit the underrepresented populations of Philadelphia

What am I committing to as part of the VAC?

  • Attend quarterly VAC meetings (2 hours every three months).  These meetings will give you a window into STEM education opportunities throughout the city, a chance to connect with other advocates for change, and to voice your opinions and ideas.

  • Attending monthly work group meetings (1.5 hours per month).  These meetings will focus on shaping a particular aspect of the collective work. 

  • Providing honest and thoughtful feedback

  • Engaging in discussion and collaborating with Steering Committee and Workgroup volunteers.

  • Modeling our Guiding Principles

what can i get out of this opportunity?

  • Opportunity to collaborate on city-wide STEM equity collective mission

  • Network with a diverse group that is interested in amplifying STEM opportunities for students in Philadelphia

  • Have a meaningful voice and role in the direction and activities of the Collective

  • Learn from STEM educational workshops during each meeting

  • Access to timely information about STEM learning opportunities for children and youth in your community

  • Community meal provided during quarterly meetings as conditions permit

  • STEM focused childcare program offered during the VAC quarterly meetings as conditions permit

To join the Village Advisory Council, just click the "Join Us" button below.

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