Student Advisory Council

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective is working with the inaugural Student Advisory Council (SAC) to develop the guidelines and best practices themselves: students developing the Council.

These high school students are bringing their voice to champion the needs of their peers in our area. 

Guiding the Collective's efforts through student voice.

We expect the SAC to have the twelve members that will help guide strategies and provide feedback on their effectiveness for the beneficiaries of the Collective.  The SAC will be a diverse group of students representative of the Philadelphia region who champion our goal to increase the number of Black, Latinx and female Philadelphians entering STEM careers by 2030Student participation is so important that two students from the council will be part of the Collective's Steering Committee.

what we do

  • Be a leader by discussing and representing your views and those of your peers at Collective Workgroup Meetings (Home & Community; K-12 Education; Post-Secondary Education; Work Environment) and SAC meetings

  • Brainstorm strategies and provide feedback on initiatives  created by the Collective

  • Be part of the decision making alongside community leaders to drive change and benefit the underrepresented populations of Philadelphia. 

  • Meet twice a month with other student leaders across the community. The  SAC meetings, developed by SAC members, provide opportunities for everyone to work together on mutually defined goals, participate in leadership skill-building activities, and meet industry leaders around Philadelphia


  • Network with a group of diverse peers from all around the city that are interested in amplifying STEM opportunities for Philadelphia Students

  • Have a meaningful voice and role in the direction and activities of the Collective

  • Develop leadership skills 

  • Participate in youth-planned and led activities, as well as other special activities

  • Earn community service hours

  • Gain college application assistance and letters of recommendation


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