Steering Committee

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective made a commitment to select a Steering Committee that is representative of the diversity of the Philadelphia region and who champion our goal to increase the number of Black, Latinx and women Philadelphia students entering STEM careers by 2030 through modeling our Guiding Principles.

The Steering Committee is composed of 16 seats as follows:

  • A representative of the co-backbone and convener, (Philadelphia Education Fund)

  • A representative of the co-backbone and funder, GSK

  • A representative of the School District of Philadelphia

  • One each of the four Workgroups

  • Two seats for high school students, who are part of the Student Advisory Council. (in progress)

  • One seat for a parent of a K-12 student, who is part of  the Village Advisory Council. (in progress)

  • Six “at-large” representatives.

Meet the Steering Committee