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The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective Guiding Principles

At the first meeting of the Collective in February 2020, the participants put forth a list of the best
practices, norms and values that should be followed. From that list and responses from the subsequent meeting survey, the backbone team divided the information into six different themes and presented them in the May 2020 meeting. The themes were discussed in breakout rooms; each one discussed by a group of Collective members.


After again taking into account the discussion plus the comments from the May 2020 meeting survey, the derived principles were presented in the July 2020 meeting. The Guiding Principles were voted on and adopted by the Collective membership in the July 2020 meeting.

How did the Collective arrive at its Guiding Principles?

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective                Guiding Principles

Place marginalized individuals in the role of decision-makers and fight systems of oppression.


Proactively build relationships with students and ensure that our actions are guided by the ideas, opportunities and needs that they voice, including those not involved in STEM.


Engage with all members and stakeholders with humility and candor.


Hold ourselves accountable to act and implement solutions.


Make and continuously adapt our decisions based on data.


Communicate continuously and transparently within and outside of the Collective about our actions and decisions.


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