Post-Secondary Education Workgroup


Philadelphia K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions work together, and with local employers, to formalize diverse pathways that recruit, immerse, and inspire Black and Latinx students and women to enter STEM fields.

Long-Term Indicators

Percentage of schools with high-quality STEM experiences

Number of students entering    STEM majors or careers

Number of students that report inspiration to pursue STEM 

Collective Actions

Evolve  Post-secondary STEM Curricula to establish and/or connect students to effective low/no tuition STEM courses, certificates and degree options

Support Post-Secondary & Industry Collaborations    to increase number of paid internship and work experience opportunities available to underrepresented students 


David Zuzga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair

The Wistar Institute

Alyssa Leystra
Education Coordinator, 
Academic Affairs

Fox Chase Cancer Center