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Equity Collective

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective was established in January 2020 to cultivate STEM equity, access, and inclusion in STEM career pathways for Philadelphia students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM occupations.  Using a collective impact model and harnessing the resources of the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem, the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective (PSEC) is an initiative by GSK in collaboration with the Philadelphia Education Fund through its Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem.  It also includes engagement with an external evaluator and competitive programmatic grants for Ecosystem member organizations. 


To increase the number of Black, Latinx and women

Philadelphians going into  STEM careers by 2030.

This 10-year collaborative effort aims to bring together Philadelphia schools, out-of-school time providers, universities and colleges, employers, local government and the philanthropic community using a collective impact approach to identify and close gaps confronting individuals from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM.

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The Ecosystem and the Collective share the common objective of providing Philadelphians with equitable access to STEM education, resources, and opportunities. The Ecosystem’s mission is:  By increasing collaboration, identifying gaps in resources and enhancing the quality of STEM education,  the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem promotes just and equitable access to STEM opportunities for all children and youth. The Collective’s goal is specific to career access, and “increase the number of Black, Latinx and female Philadelphians going into STEM careers by 2030.” One way to visualize this is that the Collective is focusing on one very important element of the Ecosystem – so important, that it generated its own funding, infrastructure, goals, and objectives.

We are continually working to maximize the synergy between the Ecosystem and the Collective to effectively use members’ time and energy. Do not hesitate to contact Betsy Payne for additional details or information.

The Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective encourages everyone to speak

up about misconduct or any behavior that doesn't align with our

Guiding Principles or adheres to our mission. 


If there's an urgent concern or immediate actions need to be taken,

please contact Betsy Payne, the Collective Members Relations Manager.  

If your concern isn't urgent or you feel uncomfortable discussing the issue internally, you can use our confidential form found HERE. 

We will monitor this form and report on the findings at least monthly to the Steering Committee, Workgroups, Backbone, and/or the appropriate Entity.

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