Professional Development & Teacher Training


Bonnie Hallam 
Program Coordinator, Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership


Teacher training, or “professional development” as it’s known in the field, rarely provides educators enough support and space to try out the new ideas or techniques they learn. A recent report showed that 80 percent of professional development courses did not meet the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) guidelines for excellence. Yet classroom teachers are in a position to have some of the biggest and most lasting impacts on students.


The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem Professional Development (PD) Workgroup plans to call a meeting of STEM PD providers in the region with the goal of finding ways to foster more meaningful STEM learning for teachers, so that more Philadelphia teachers feel supported in their efforts to bring STEM into the classroom.  

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Betsy Payne

Manager, Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem 

215-665-1400, ext. 3333

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