Ecosystem Membership

Philadelphia Ecosystem Members are stakeholders actively engaged in local STEM education efforts. They are part of a diverse and dynamic spectrum of individuals and organizations: schools and school districts, intermediaries and community-based groups, museums and environmental centers, colleges and universities, government agencies, and businesses and corporations. 

There is no fee to become or obligation associated with being a STEM Ecosystem member, Members can simply be recipients of emails and announcements, or they can participate in Workgroups, in meetings, and in online discussions.


To join, click on the "join us" button below:

Committee meeting and co

Member Benefits

  • Contact and collaboration with people from different sectors of STEM education

  • Access to an agile network of colleagues that respond quickly to inquiries 

  • Ability to influence STEM education, policy, and funding

  • Connections to national Ecosystems and their issues, ideas, and resolutions

  • Invitation to special meetings and webinars

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a small group of Ecosystem members, including Workgroup representatives, that cultivates synergy between the Ecosystem goals, activities, and Workgroups.