K-12 Education

Creating equitable and diverse education-to-career pathways.


  • All Philadelphia schools adopt consistent frameworks to define and measure high-quality and culturally competent STEM education

  • K-12 STEM education across the city integrates culturally competent content.

  • Philadelphia K-12 school administrators institutionalize a commitment to attract and retain diverse, well-compensated STEM teachers.

  • All Philadelphia high schools offer the pre-requisite classes necessary for students to enter STEM programs in college or directly into STEM careers.

  • High schools and STEM employers collaborate to provide all Philadelphia students with real-world and career-transferrable experiences that align to STEM careers.



Philadelphia K-12 schools and postsecondary institutions work together, and with local employers, to formalize diverse pathways that recruit, immerse, and inspire Black and Latinx students and women to enter STEM fields.


Jamie Shuda Ed.D
Director of Outreach, Education,

and Research

Institute for Regenerative Medicine

University of Pennsylvania

Delfi Krishna, Ph.D.
Head Strategic Operations

Chief Medical Office

IImmatics GmBH