Computer Science  


Jeffrey L. Popyack, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science

Drexel University

Jamie Payton, D.Sc.
Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Computer & Information Sciences

 Temple University


Through computer science (CS) education learning environments, young people emerge as critical problem-solvers unified by the technical know-how and the critical consciousness necessary for them to leverage digital tools for social transformation. Through this process, young people also have access to valuable career opportunities in technology. 

However, there is little information available to young people about why CS is important and how to access opportunities that prepare them for college and career pathways into CS. This is particularly true for girls and young people of color. Strong efforts to provide access, opportunities, and information about CS pathways at the K-12 level are needed to create a diverse, equitable, and welcoming tech industry. 


The vision of the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem Computer Science Workgroup is to significantly improve readiness of Philadelphia children and youth for participation in CS-STEM college and career pathways.

The group is looking to help students demystify the multitude of career pathways that require   CS literacy. Members will also investigate creating a geospatial map of the CS programs and careers in Philadelphia.